Portraits: Yoga

When I moved from Toronto to Vancouver, I was tasked with bringing the Globe & Mail’s Yoga Basics series with me. I was excited to grow the series and introduce some west coast vibes, but first I had to cast the host!

Vancouver’s not without it’s share of yoga teachers, but Amber stands out. I had first seen her on Instagram and was really impressed with her posts. She won over our producers, and we shot over a dozen videos.

Not only is Amber a great yoga instructor, but she is kind, generous, incredibly hard working and a wonderful ambassador for outdoor adventure! These photos are from several photo shoots we did over a period of three years. The first (of Amber wading in the ocean) are actually from her video audition. Look at that smile!

It is such a joy to capture someone doing what they love. Thank you Amber, for being such a great role model and for working with me on these images.


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