Video: The David Suzuki Foundation: Wild Works Best

Client: The David Suzuki Foundation | Role: Host, Producer, Director, Editor

“As of 2020, more than 25 populations of Pacific salmon are scientifically identified as threatened or endangered.”

In the fall of 2019, Georgia Street Media began working with the David Suzuki Foundation on a documentary project to explore shrinking salmon populations in British Columbia and the effect salmon hatcheries were having on them.

Many of us have visited hatcheries over the years, to learn about salmon life cycles and see the fish climb the ladders back to where they were hatched. But – did you know that there are different types of hatcheries? And that some might be doing more harm than good?

For this project, we spoke with marine biologists, conservationists, a hatchery manager, a former DFO First Nations Community Advisor, student educators and commercial anglers. Of course, the more we learned, the more there was to learn. We are excited and proud to share this project with you, and to start a conversation about the role salmon hatcheries play in our province.

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