Video: Meen Noodle Bar

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Ontario, dumpling master YiPik Tang loved the big family meals cooked by her grandma. But when she moved west to Squamish, to chase her love of the outdoors, Pik realized that something was missing: the familiar flavours of her childhood.
Determined to fill this void, Pik took matters into her own hands and started cooking the dishes she craved. Now, she’s sharing those flavours with the community she’s come to call home.

A passion project by Director of Photography and Editor, Joel Clifton and Director Amanda Palmer.
Featuring: YiPik Tang @yipikwashere
Director: Amanda Palmer @amandalcam
DoP/Post: Joel Clifton @joelcliftonmakes
Dumpings: Meen Noodle Bar @meensquamish

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