Travel: Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is the perfect place for wandering.

One of my best pals and I found an amazing Airbnb just outside of the town of Joshua Tree called Cactus Mountain. After the pavement ended, we made a few twists and turns, and there it was: perfectly situated on-top of a hill, complete with views of purple mountains and dusty backroads. The property made a great home base and the crazy wind made for amazing photo ops.

As I mentioned in my Palm Springs post, this trip was all about giving ourselves a chance to be creative: to get away from our usual routines and play. For me this meant photography, and luckily Meg was game to be in front of my camera almost every day.

Now, this is where I give a massive shout out and THANK YOU to Meg!

Thank you for being a great travel partner, playlist creator, Queer Eye afficiando and a heck of a photo subject! Meg also happens to be the genius behind THIS very website. Be sure to check out more of her design work here.

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